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    The NOGAPPS package - a set of applications and frameworks with the goal to fill the gap of missing proprietary Google apps package.

    Makes up for lost functionality by providing:

    BlankStore (An open source Google Play Store client)

    Maps API (A replacement of the often used google maps api with an open source one using OpenStreetMap.)

    Network Location (Geo-location using wlan and data from Apple or a database of gsm phone cellphone towers)

    Not useable yet:
    LoginService (used by some Tasks/Feed -Apps) [Development]
    Services Framework [Development]
    Maps API v2: This time with onboard map rendering, so we can use it offline even for navigation purposes and search


    Google apps track users more than most other apps as they are system-apps and therefore have full rights on android.

    There are several problems with avoiding Google apps:

    You won't get regular updates for your apps. Google's apps are not bad in functionality, but are in privacy.

    No access to Play Store (There are many alternative markets, but nothing is as good for free apps as Play Store) Meanwhile, F-Droid provides nearly everything you need.

    Some apps do not install because of missing Google Maps API

    Some apps Force Close at start-up because of missing Maps API or market license check issues

    Some apps hard-coded links to several Google Apps and therefore Force Close or react unexpectedly on certain cases.