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5 Reasons Why Task Management and Time Tracking go Hand in Hand from Intervals Blog Feed

Most creative agencies understand that time tracking data is a critical component in managing projects more efficiently and in making better business decisions. And, when an agency embraces time tracking to the point they track time on individual tasks, they end up with a trove of detailed, indispensable data. To demonstrate how valuable this data can be, […]

5 months ago

Intervals Winter Update from Intervals Blog Feed

Our latest updates include the Resource Allocation report, Task Snapshot report, multi-day calendar notes, and Kanban Board. Plus, we want to share how your support has made possible our partnership with the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and 1% For The Planet. We’ve also made several speed improvements. Read on to find out more…   The […]

5 months ago

Resource Allocation Report Launched from Intervals Blog Feed

The Intervals team has launched the final updates to the Resource Allocation Report. Since its initial beta launch, we’ve spent several weeks testing the report with our customers. These recent updates reflect the most commonly requested improvements. This new report is has been one of the most requested features for our project management software. Now […]

6 months ago

Project Management Software for Web Designers from Intervals Blog Feed

Online project management software comes in many different flavors. Finding the right project management software can be overwhelming. With so many to choose from, how can you be sure you’ve found the best fit for your agency? You can’t. But, you can make the selection process easier. Focus on the features first We’ve interviewed customers and asked […]

7 months ago

The Benefits of Task Management Software for Teams from Intervals Blog Feed

Effective and efficient teamwork is a crucial skill necessary for any creative agency wanting to deliver client projects on time and under budget. Fortunately, there is an abundance of tools available online that can help. One of the most effective tools for managing creative projects is team task management software. Not to be confused with personal task management apps, […]

8 months ago

Online Time Tracking Software and Fixed Bid Projects from Intervals Blog Feed

The two most common contracts used by creative agencies throughout the world are the time and materials contract and the fixed bid contract. Agencies working under a time and materials contract will likely use online time tracking software. It’s the most efficient and accurate way to track billable hours. But, what about agencies working under a fixed bid contract? […]

8 months ago

Thank You for Your Extended Support of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition from Intervals Blog Feed

From the day we launched Intervals nine years ago, 1% of every customer’s monthly payment is donated directly to environmental nonprofit organizations. It’s our way of giving back and preserving resources for generations to come. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet we’ve been fortunate to aid several organizations working to protect the environment. This year we decided […]

8 months ago

Introducing the Resource Allocation Report from Intervals Blog Feed

UPDATE: We’ve launched a revised version of this resource allocation report with additional features based on customer feedback. Ever wonder how many hours your team is committed to next week? Or, which project is expected to consume most of their time next month? Now you can find out in just a few clicks using the recently launched […]

9 months ago

9 Different Ways to Lose a Client from Intervals Blog Feed

Clients are the backbone of any creative or web design agency. A client is more than just a source of revenue — they provide referrals and ties to the business community. Treat one client well, and more will follow. Let ego or indifference get in the way, and you may lose more than just the one client. […]

10 months ago

Collecting SaaS Customer Metrics in Web-based Software from Intervals Blog Feed

Just last week, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made it’s much anticipated and already historic flyby of Pluto. Many of us have already gazed in awe at the dramatic photos being sent back from the spacecraft. The images we’ve seen are only a fraction of the data scientists have received. In fact, scientists have received only 5% […]

10 months ago

Better Client Management Through Time Tracking from Intervals Blog Feed

A good agency is built on good client relationships. Managing clients and their projects is a skill that requires intuition and tact. But, it’s not an exact science. Even the best agencies can let personal opinion interfere with making difficult business decisions. Agencies that use web-based project management and project time tracking software have a […]

12 months ago

Managing Web Design Projects with Scrum from Intervals Blog Feed

Photo credit: VFS Digital Design Successful web design and development agencies share the same passions — we want to do good work and see our clients succeed. Because the web is a relatively new medium and is evolving every day, traditional software development processes can often get in the way. Designing and developing web sites requires […]

about 1 year ago

Speeding Up PHP Web Apps With Xdebug and Cachegrind from Intervals Blog Feed

As a Web development agency we do our best to ensure applications will perform under a variety of customer conditions. But, we can never account for every scenario before launching our app out into the wild. There is a good chance the application will encounter slowness at some point. It could be a week after launch, or a […]

about 1 year ago

From Excel Spreadsheets to Online Time Tracking Software from Intervals Blog Feed

There are many valid reasons why an agency might be using Excel Spreadsheets to track people’s time. The data is securely stowed away on the local network. The software isn’t going to disappear if the vendor goes out of business. And, spreadsheets are flexible enough to build any number of custom reports to analyze the […]

about 1 year ago

Time Tracking Tips for Creative Agencies from Intervals Blog Feed

Managing a creative agency should be both fun and challenging. Tracking time, however, is neither of those. It’s boring and tedious. Creative teams don’t to fill out time sheets. They want to focus on producing their best work, the type of work they can proudly display on the wall. In addition to creative pursuits, agencies also […]

about 1 year ago