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  • 5197 Anaphraseus in 4 toolboxes
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    Anaphraseus is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool, OpenOffice.org 2 macro set similar to famous Wordfast. Works with Wordfast Translation Memory format (*.TXT). Supports text segmentation. Features: Term Recognition. Fuzzy Search. Unicode support.

  • 4247 Apertium in 11 toolboxes
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    Apertium is a machine translation platform, initially aimed at related-language pairs, but recently expanded to deal with more divergent language pairs (such as English-Catalan). The platform provides a language-independent machine translation engine, tools to manage the linguistic data necessary to build a machine translation system for a given language pair, and linguistic data for 21 language pairs, with more under development.

    The platform also includes cell phone applications, blog plugins, web services and several graphical user interfaces. Apertium may translate plain text, web sites or documents without loss of formatting.

  • 6113 Autshumato ITE in 2 toolboxes
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    Autshumato Integrated Translation Environment (ITE) is a free computer aided translation application. It provides a single translation environment that contains translation memory, machine translation and a glossary to facilitate the translation process.

    Although Autshumato ITE is specifically developed for the eleven official South African languages, it is in essence language independent, and can be adapted for translating between any language pair.

  • 5140 bitext2tmx in 5 toolboxes
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    Bitext2tmx is a cross-platform Java application to align bitext (of a corresponding original text and its translation) and generate a TMX translation memory for use in computer-assisted translation.

  • 5190 Gaupol in 3 toolboxes
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    Gaupol is a software tool for the Windows operating system that translates subtitles on video from one language to another. Focused on being accessible to the user, Gaupol emphasizes simplicity and ease of use and can work in many subtitle file formats.

  • 5139 GlobalSight in 7 toolboxes
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    GlobalSight is a collaborative, open source initiative to develop a flexible and sustainable Translation Management System (TMS) that leverages the best ideas and addresses the true needs of the industry. GlobalSight embraces an ecosystem of enterprise clients, translators, language service providers, technology suppliers, universities, research institutions and individuals alike!

  • 4388 GNOME Subtitles in 4 toolboxes
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    GNOME Subtitles is a subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop. It supports the most common text-based subtitle formats and allows for subtitle editing, translation and synchronization.

  • 4384 GNU Aspell in 6 toolboxes
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    GNU Aspell is a Free and Open Source spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell. It can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker. Its main feature is that it does a superior job of suggesting possible replacements for misspelled words.

  • 5137 Image Localization Manager in 3 toolboxes
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    Image Localization Manager helps you to streamline your image localization process by presenting all the information needed for translating and editing image files in the same window. We hope you love the image preview feature!

  • 4372 Ini Translator in 3 toolboxes
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    Ini Translator is a utility program to translate ini-style language files, with a look and feel reminiscent of poEdit.

  • 5167 jubler in 3 toolboxes
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    Jubler is a tool to edit text-based subtitles. It can be used as an authoring software for new subtitles or as a tool to convert, transform, correct and refine existing subtitles. The most popular subtitle formats can be used. Preview of the subtitles in realtime or in design time, spell checking, translation mode and styles editing are some of the main features.

  • 3894 Linguas OS in 3 toolboxes
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    GNU/Linux operating system adapted for translators. Linguas OS is a remaster of PCFluxboxOS built for translators.

  • 4236 Okapi in 8 toolboxes
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    The Okapi Framework is a set of interface specifications, format definitions, components and applications that provides an environment to build interoperable tools for the different steps of the translation and localization process.

  • 3376 OmegaT in 8 toolboxes
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    OmegaT is a free translation memory application written in Java. It is a tool intended for professional translators.

  • Icon-tool openTM2 in 2 toolboxes
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    TM stands for TranslationManager/2. TM/2 originates from the IBM TranslationManager tool and has been made available to the open source community.

    TranslationManager/2 is a computer-assisted translation system (CAT) that automates repetitive tasks, freeing the professional translator to attend to the finer points of translation that require the judgement of an expert.

    tagged: tmx, translation
  • 5138 PCLOS-trans in 2 toolboxes
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    PC-LOS-trans is now Tuxtrans.
    A desktop system for translators created on the basis of the gnu/linux distribution Ubuntu 10.04.
    Tuxtrans is a full fledged desktop system meant as a replacement for the widely known OS. But it is not just an operating system, it is an OS including a collection of software applications which allows a translator to do his/her job most efficiently and in line with the latest standards.

    tagged: Linux, translation
  • 4238 Poedit in 7 toolboxes
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    Poedit is cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor. It aims to provide more convenient approach to editing catalogs.

  • 4225 Pootle in 7 toolboxes
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    Pootle is a web portal that simplifies the translation process. It allows online translation, work assignment, gives statistics and allows volunteer contribution.

  • 4377 Project Open in 6 toolboxes
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    Project Open is a general-purpose project management system with a translation module. The source license is a GPL hybrid, and the translation module is FL (“Free License”), which is “pseudo FOSS”, with extensive limits on redistribution of code.

  • 4390 Subtitle Editor in 4 toolboxes
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    Subtitle Editor is a GTK+2 tool to edit subtitles for GNU/Linux/*BSD. It can be used for new subtitles or as a tool to transform, edit, correct and refine existing subtitles. The program also displays sound waves, making it easier to synchronize subtitles to voices.

  • 4498 TinyTM in 6 toolboxes
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    An open-source translation memory tool.

  • 4195 Translate Toolkit in 7 toolboxes
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    The Translate Toolkit is designed by localisers for localisers. Its aim is to make localisation easier and of higher quality. The toolkit can convert between various different translation formats and makes it possible to stay in one format across all localisation tasks.

  • 4241 Transolution in 4 toolboxes
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    Transolution is a Computer Aided Translation (CAT) suite supporting the XLIFF standard with features to improve translation efficiency and quality. The suite provides an XLIFF Editor, translation memory engine and filters to convert different formats to and from XLIFF.

  • 5195 Virtaal in 7 toolboxes
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    Virtaal is a graphical translation tool. It is meant to be easy to use and powerful at the same time. Although the initial focus is on software translation (localisation or l10n), it is definitely useful for other forms of translation.

  • 4370 Wordforge in 3 toolboxes
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    The Wordforge Off-line Localization Editor, previously known as Pootling, is an intelligent, platform-independent offline localization tool developed specifically to allow translators to get the most out of the XLIFF file format.